How To Enable Copy Paste In CMD – WINDOWS

How To Enable Copy Paste In CMD

How To Enable Copy Paste In CMD – WINDOWS

By default all windows do not allow us to copy and paste in Command Prompt. Or Copy the text from the Command Prompt and Paste it anywhere else. But in this tutorial I’ll Show How to Enable Copy Paste in CMD. The big benefit of this trick is that you can copy any text/Command from internet and paste it in Command Prompt. You can also copy commands from Word and Excel and directly paste it in CMD ( Command Prompt).


 How to Enable Copy Paste in CMD

  1.  First of all open CMD. Just type CMD in the search bar.
  2.  Now click on the title bar and click on properties.
  3. You will see a window pop-up on your screen, Now on the Right hand side of your screen, Under the Edit option, Check the box of             Quick Edit Mode.

    4. Click on OK button.


You done. Now you Enable the Copy Paste in CMD . Now you Can copy text from anywhere else         By just holing “CTRL + C”. And you can Paste it in CMD directly by pressing you Right mouse Click.         Same If you wanna Copy some text from CMD And wanna fast it somewhere then Select the Text and Press Right Mouse Click . Now your text is Copy, You can paste it anywhere you want.

This does not apply any kind of restriction or limit on you for coping and pasting text. You can copy unlimited text and also paste unlimited text in CMD. With this trick you don’t need to write Long commands. Just copy Command and paste it in CMD By Right Mouse Click

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