Hide Drives With CMD

Hi Guys how are you. I hope you will be all right. Today i am going to show you how to Hide your local drives. There are several ways of hiding Local drives and also many other software’s on internet. But i won’t share any kind of software with you guys. I’m just share my simple method with you. You can easily Hide Drives With Cmd.

How To Hide Drives With CMD ?

  • Click On Start menu and then click on Run. If you are using windows 8 then click on search and type RUN in search Box. Or just hold Windows Button + R.
  • You’ll see the Run Box. Just type CMD in the Run Box and press the Enter Key.
  • Now Command prompt will open. Just type Diskpart and press the enter key.
  • In the windows 8 it will ask you to confirm before changing in computer. Just click on Yes and another window will open instantly.
  • Type List Volume there and press enter key from the keyboard.
  • I think i have some personal data in Volume D which i want to hide from the other persons. For that i will type “ Select Volume D ” there and simply press Enter key from the keyboard.

If you want to hide another drive just type Volume Your drive letter. After that you will see something like that in below image.HIDE DRIVES WITH CMD – HOW TO GUIDE

You have successfully selected the drive which you want to hide. But the last part is still remaining in which we hide the drive.

  • For hiding the drive just type Remove letter D or Remove letter “your drive letter” and simply press enter from the keyboard.


Congratulation you successfully hide your Local Disk Drive.

How Do I Get The Drive Back?

Now the there is only one question remaining . And the question is ” How Do I Get The Hidden Drive Back “. Let me tell you the simple answer of that question. Just follow the below steps.

  • Just repeat 1,2,3,4 and 5 steps again.
  • I think you have completed the 5 steps listed above. Just sure you completed before ” Select Volume D “.
  • In the above article we hide the drive by typing ” Remove letter D “. But Now to unhide the drive we type there ” Assign letter D ” and press the enter key from the keyboard that’s it.
  • If you do not see the drive then try to restart your computer. And after check again you will definitely see your drive.

Hide Drives With CMD

Note: This is only for educational purpose. Perform this trick at your own risk. kgshahacademy.com is not responsible for any kind of damage or cause to your computer.


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