How to Increase Computer RAM Without Buying New

How to Increase Computer RAM Without Buying New

Hi Guys My name is KG Shah and you are reading at KG Shah Academy. Guys there are many different methods to Increase Your Computer’s RAM or Many Softwares for increasing your computer’s RAM. But Today I am going to show you How to Increase Computer RAM Without Buying New…….

How to Increase Computer RAM Without Buying NewThis method is totally risk free. So you don’t need to be worry about anything. You can use this method easily.

Why I Use This Method?

I use this method because it is useful method. With this method i Increase Computer RAM easily and get extreme speed. And another benefit of this method is “it is harmless”. You can use this method without any kind of risk. This method is tested by me. Believe me guys i won’t share those method which will harm your computer.

Let Me Tell You The Method…

  • Right click on your My Computer and click on Properties.
  • After opening the Properties Click on Advance System Settings.
  • Now under the Performance Click on Setting.
  • Click on Advance TAB.
  • Under the Virtual memory click on Change.
  • Uncheck the Automatically Manage Paging File Size For All Drive.
  • Select those drive which have spare space.
  • Just Click On Custom. And As you see in the last Recommended and the value. Just write recommended value in both custom Box. And click on OK Button. Restart your computer if needed.

After that you’ll also get extreme speed and also you Increase Computer RAM. You can assign memory/space to virtual memory. Use this method without any kind tension. As i said it is Harmless.

I hope you’ll like this method. I’ll upload more articles and tricks on KG Shah Academy so bookmark my website. And join me on facebook for getting updates. Please share this trick with your friends and family. And also like this article.

You can also view the video below:

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