Top 5 Best Computer Tricks You Should Know 2017

Top 5 Best Computer Tricks You Should Know 2017

Top 5 Best Computer Tricks You Should Know 2017As we Know that computer is used for working in different fields. In past computer only used for calculations. But that doesn’t mean a Computer (PC) All work and not play. You there are many different Best Computer tricks . And i present here the Top 5 Best Computer Tricks You should know 2017. I hope you’ll like and enjoy These Best Computer Tricks 2017.

1-Delete The virus and speed up your computer (Best Computer Trick)

Hi Today i’ll show you how to Delete The Virus and speed up your computer. Read the Method below…

  • Hold Windows Button + (Plus) R
  • Then you see there is a Box popup
  • Write “Temp” In the Box without Double commas
  • Now you see there is a window popup. The whole files in that window is virus/burden on CPU. Delete all That Virus.

You Done

2-Restore accidentally closed Tab in Google Chrome ( Best Computer Tricks )

Hi today i’ll show you How To Restore accidentally closed Tab in Google Chrome. Read the Method Below…

The command is ” CTRL + Shift + T ” .

3-How to resolve most of computer Problems( Best Computer Tricks )

The Most of Computer problems will solved by just restarting the Computer or turning off the Computer (PC) and back on. If you apply this Method then your Computer (PC) Will restart all your apps and Restart your computer’s state from the beginning.

4-How to scroll down smoothly in browser by using keyboard( Best Computer Tricks )

Use The space Button from the Keyboard to go down and Use Shift + Space Go up while you browsing the web.

5-How to Open Chrome incognito Tab (Private Tab) For Private Browsing

Hold ” CTRL + SHIFT + N ” and you can use chrome private window. Google Chrome Doesn’t Save the History of that website which you open in Private window. So you can watch any website without any tension.

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